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NES&TEC Co., Ltd is a company specializing in flight control systems and robotic control systems. Based on independent algorithms, We specialize in developing and supplying unmanned aerial vehicles systems.

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  • Daejeon City\'s flagship drone company supplies 12 billion won worth of drones

    *Extract from the contents of the articleDaejeon City's initiative to create a drone industry ecosystem is showing tangible results, with Daejeon's leading drone company supplying 12 billion won worth of drones.Daejeon City announced on the 11th that Ness & Tech has been selected for the alert drone purchase project and will supply 12 billion won worth of drones....Source:

  • [Daejeon News] [CMB intensive discussion] Increasing utilization of service robots such as autonomous driving··· Daejeon Robot Industry\'s Future

    -Excerpt from the article-■CMB Daejeon Broadcasting News<Announcer> Due to the prolonged COVID-19, the non-face-to-face environment is strengthening. Accordingly, the range of robot applications in various fields such as delivery and logistics is increasing. In the CMB intensive discussion, an in-depth discussion was held under the theme of "Launching a Robot Demonstration Project, the Future of the Robot Industry in Daejeon." Reporter Jung Won-ki on the report.<Reporter> Last year, the global service robot market was worth about 8 trillion won.According to the International Robot Federation, the related robot industry has grown 12% as the non-face-to-face environment has recently expanded due to the influence of COVID-19.Accordingly, the CMB intensive discussion continued under the theme of "Launching a Robot Demonstration Project, the Future of the Robot Industry in Daejeon" to find the direction to move forward.In particular, the robot industry has been centered on manufacturing,In the future, it is predicted that the service robot market will grow further with software development. Source: Cable CMB YouTube,

  • Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium-sized \'Leading Future Industrial Convergence Innovation\'.32 midsize businesses selected

    -Excerpt from the article-It held the "2021 Industrial Convergence Innovation Items and Leading Companies Selection Ceremony" and announced 89 "Innovation Items" and 32 "leading companies" that will lead future industrial convergence innovations. ...If it is selected as an innovative item, it will be included in the 'Priority Purchase Item for Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Development Products' The Ministry of SMEs and Startups' excellent procurement products, the Ministry of National Defense's excellent commercial products test-use items, and KOTRA's overseas entry cycle support targets, etcreceive preferential treatment when selectingLINK: The Herald Economy,

  • NES & TEC - DAMSTECH Business Agreement NDA & MOU signed

    On February 24, 2022, we signed an NDA & MOU business agreement with DamTech.We expect DAMSTECH's various security and anti-drone technologies and strong synergy to enhance its capabilities.Please give us a lot of attention and support in our footsteps.Thank you.

  • MOU signed on \'Development of Automatic Inspection System for Aeronautical Lighting Facilities Using Drone\'

    -Excerpt from the article-On August 26, Korea Airports Corporation signed a business agreement with Ness & Tech and Yuyang Industrial Co., Ltd. to develop an "automatic inspection system for aviation lighting facilities using drones." With the signing of this agreement, the three companies agreed to cooperate with each other in the development of systems and automatic inspection systems for aviation lighting facilities using drones such as test flights and video analysis, and about 2.2 billion won, including government resources, will be invested and completed by 2022....(Briefly)Source: Security News Reporter Mi-young Park,

  • [Broadcasting Appearance] Special 14th Anniversary Documentary Trilogy [#Drone Heroes: National Representative] Part 3 - Flying Drone, Flying Talent / YTN Science

    (In May 2021, YTN Science's request for cooperation uploaded the footage on YouTube.)A single gas cannot fly. Now the challenge for us is software technology! Precision positioning technology, navigation technology, posture control technology, and image processing technology have now become a competition venue for the fourth industrial technology. We can't delay training drone software talent for a moment. From young talents who participated in the most historical drone competition in Korea to dreamers who control drones with coding, they are going to meet future drone heroes.#DroneHeroes #Drone #NationalCelebration #SpecialDocumentary #K-DroneHeroes #211001DroneHeroes: National Representative Part 3 Flying Drone, Flying Talent YTN Science YouTube Channel< 14:00 ~ 18:48 >[Screen capture] Please click the play button to watch the video *^^*